Mar 25
Social Distance #2
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This week’s archive of Darkstar’s Part 2 of Rinse’n’Repeat Radio.

Stay healthy my friends.

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Jan 15
Kickin off 2020
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Darkstar & Goreteks back into full swing for 2020

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Dec 30
Attenuated Sounds Cover Show
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Darkstar solo on Attenuated Sounds, covering for Subtle Audio Show

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Dec 4
December 3rd, 2019
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Goreteks & Darkstar live on Rinse & Repeat Radio on!

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Oct 19
Archive dump \m/
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Here’s the last couple shows.
Sorry about the audio quality on Sept 24th.
Biggups Nightowl thanks for the archive request!

Darkstar – solo Rinse’n’Repeat Radio Session 2019-10-15

Goreteks & Darkstar – Rinse’n’Repeat Radio Session 2019-10-01

This one is a bit distorted, sorry for the audio quality: Goreteks & Darkstar – Rinse’n’Repeat Radio Session 2019-09-24

Goreteks & Darkstar – Rinse’n’Repeat Radio Session 2019-09-17

Jan 16
Welcome 2019
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Back to the grind in the new year. First live show of the year featuring both Goreteks & Darkstar. Enjoy.

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Jun 28
Dedication Mix: Trevor Bright
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“The flame that burns twice at bright burns half as long”

I guess it’s true. You were indeed Bright, my friend. Rest in power.

Here’s a little mix I did for you last night. Just a few modern and a few classics that remind me of you. Single take, freestyle… so it’s not perfect. But you are in my heart. Until next time, my dude.

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OneMind – Vibrations
Dj Hype – The Big 30h
Mindmachine – The Break
John Rolodex – Innazone
Dj Future – Dream World
Survival – Not Bored
Ram Trilogy – Incarnate
Soul Drop – French Quarter
Seba – Can’t Describe
Silent Witness & Break – Close to Zero
Phetsta – Evolution
Ed Rush & Optical – Kerbkrawler
Calibre – Mr Maverick
Soul Intent – Too Funky
Digital, Spirit & Need For Mirrors – Infinity
Seba – Berberian Sound
Calyx & Teebee – Confession
Quantum Soul & Linden – Tradition
Paradox – Reykjavik
Mister Shifter – Dub Attack
Break, Villem & Mcleod – Intention Dub

May 21
Baldachin Beats Cover Session
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Darkstar covering for WTBleep, making way for the Jungletrain debut of Selector X.

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Feb 21
Goreteks & Darkstar
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Another live show on featuring Goreteks & Darkstar.

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Jan 10
XianJuan in the Building
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DDD888D888888888888888888888MM..OO,.....OO, MM888888888888888
DDD888D888888888888888888888MM ...MM..MM... MM888888888888888
DDDD88DD888888888888888888888M ........... M88888888888888888

Rinse and Repeat Radio with Darkstar & Goreteks, featuring special guest XianJuan!

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