Special guest Elwood, alongside Goreteks & Darkstar

Extra special set on Rinse’n’Repeat Radio, October 29th live on Jungletrain.net!

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Rinse and Repeat Radio

Here’s most of the tracklist:

Ballistix                               Silent Witness
Black Box (Original Mix)                Fre4knc
Mastodon                                Outer Heaven
Mechanism                               COMA
Burning Edges                           DBR UK
Pressure (Original Mix)                 Mtwn
Transfer Dub                            Thing
Titan Up                                Fada
Science                                 Dj Fox
Sunday Morning (Original Mix)           Nuage, N4M3
The Abyss (Sam KDC’s Acid Dub Re-Think) Mode
Resistance                              Response
Constant                                Clarity
Blindside                               Data
Requisite (Bonus Track)                 Friske
The Engineer (Original Mix)             Gremlinz, Displaced Paranormals
Sound Man                               System
True Human Emotion (Original Mix)       Andyskopes
Visitors Into The Unknown               Scape
Tena                                    Omni Music
Warm & Easy                             Condition
Feretory                                Paimon & Place 2B
No Control                              Arp Xp, Reza, Kayka
Nostromo                                Cern
Genjutsu                                Outer Heaven
Rufige 11                               Jubei
Resistance                              Dj Fox
Wrong Culture (Original Mix)            Bayou
Street Spirit                           Overlook
Bloom                                   Reza & Gremlinz
Aphasia                                 Ruffhouse & Clarity
tech9                                   mtwn
Catch 22                                SKEPTICAL
Dem Pirates (Original Mix)              The Untouchables
Smooth Flutes                           Thing
Ether                                   Es.tereo
Slow Wave                               Blocks & Escher
Erosion                                 Sam KDC
League of Shadows                       Loxy and Resound
Lakota                                  Kodo
Rafale (Original Mix)                   War
Fidelity                                Data
Risky Business                          Bredren
The Grump v5                            Congress
Fight Ogres                             Brain Crisis
Saibot (Original Mix)                   Homemade Weapons
Oriental Dub                            Thing