Recon XX Promo Mix by Darkstar

Recon DnB turned 20 on Saturday! Darkstar put together a promo mix consisting of music by the headliners. This mix was embedded into a super limited edition skate board deck via NFC.

Enjoy the promo mix here!

Recon XX T-Shirts and other dank mech are online with our good friends at DnBRadio!

All of the respect and love out to the entire Recon crew <3


Coco Bryce – Dark Dub
Arcane & Jon1st – Bloodstone
Digital & Nomine – Debt Collector
Coco Bryce – Trillion Shekel Man
LMajor – On a Prayer
Nomine vs. Outrage – Born Again
Ill Behaviour – Untitled (02)
Digital, Nomine & Theory – No Sleep
Coco Bryce – Twenty One Lies
Arcane & Jon1st – Honey Dew
Coco Bryce – Vertigo
Arcane & Jon1st – Fool’s Gold
Outrage – Recall
Coco Bryce – Desire
LMajor – Intelligent Control
Coco Bryce – Sonar
Nomine – Samurai
Coco Bryce – Kaguya
Coco Bryce – せき せつ
Coco Bryce – Cherry Riddim